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Iceman 2016

Iceman 2016 Iceman 3x8 banner

The ICEMAN™ Run is a super fun winter themed 5k adventure obstacle race where participants will run, walk, climb, and crawl through the one and only truly challenging winter themed obstacle race course in the country. Racers will encounter 15 challenging man-made obstacles as well as all of the naturally occurring obstacles that we have found on the course. We use every square inch of all of our courses and find every hill, gorge, hole, and natural obstacle to put in your path on your way through the man made obstacles and to the finish line. Once at the finish line, if you can still hold your arms up, join everyone inside for a warm beverage, some good food, and awards, while you exchange war stories with your fellow Icemen! No Iceman goes home without some great memories, and we promise that you will be as soggy, sore, and tired as humanly possible! Plus, you'll have bragging rights and some really awesome race swag!

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